NEOETF DIGITAL FUND is International online exchange service and the storage of crypto assets.

An international online service that provides legal exchange of fiat funds to crypto assets and back in accordance with the requirements of the FATF provides custodial storage services.


Assistance to individuals and legal entities in the transfer and storage of digital and fiat assets. Take a 1% share in the international market in crypto exchange and storage of digital assets.



NEOETF Custody

Is an international fintech project that provides specialized financial institutions with services:

• Verification of clients through AML and KYC procedures;

• Oracle functions for matching financial data.

The gate project combines the positive aspects of the centralized system and the blockchain, taking into account their shortcomings. As a result, a system was obtained that uses the controllability of a centralized system and the transparency of blockchain technology. However, the mere use of special programs does not give full guarantees. Of course, the main role here is played by the Compliance Team, which works 24/7, and conducts manual monitoring of any suspicious transactions, and also helps clients go through all stages of verification.

Reliable trading with a professional broker. A wide range of derivatives, taking into account new opportunities and horizons. Stable reliability and profitability of your assets: We work with time-tested financial services partners. Reasonable compliance and complete confidentiality of our clients' data.

Service provides custody services for individuals and legal entities who understand the degree of risk and are ready to minimize it at a reasonable price. The system is built in such a way as to minimize the main risks. Depending on the selected service package, the user has three options for storing digital assets: The client withdraws digital assets to his wallet. In this case, only he is responsible for the safety of secret keys and passwords to them; The client stores digital assets in a shared cold wallet of the service. In this case, it is a multi-signature smart contract that provides a high degree of protection; The client stores digital assets in a shared wallet of the Custody service. In this case, Custody's internal security procedures are followed, including the encryption of the secret keys and the lack of access to them for each employee of the service.

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