We are committed to managing risk to seize opportunities and improve our performance.
Objective risk assessment and risk management are deeply integrated components of the investment process in each of our strategies.

Our main goal is
to buy, trade and safely store a wide variety of digital assets.
"Our strategy"
The Portfolio and Risk Analysis Group (PCG), acting independently of the investment business and reporting to the CEO, manages the allocation of risk capital.

It is backed by a dedicated development team that creates its own tools and technologies.
Dedicated risk management team
Management of all processes
Management culture
During pre-trading discussions, our team works to identify the impact of potential trades on portfolio risk and stress exposure.

In the analysis, we assess the skills, infrastructure, investment world, risks and the use of working capital of each business.
While a solid foundation is essential, successful risk management can only be achieved when it becomes a central part of the portfolio manager's analysis of potential trades and portfolio building.

Continuous communication and collaboration with investment teams, combined with a deep understanding of portfolios, is critical in maintaining and strengthening our risk culture.
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