NEOETF Management Partner offers customized financial solutions for financial institutions, intermediaries and investors. The professional services offered by NEOETF Management Partner allow Clients and Partners to:

1) Expert support
Take advantage of expert and competent support capable of ensuring strict and close monitoring of asset management activities;

2) Single representative
Focus on your core business, acting as the sole contact person in Luxembourg for the fund's investors and providing a favorable climate;

3) Quick launch of the fund
Quickly create and launch your custom regulated fund with the coordination of specialists and service providers;

4) Effective solutions
Get efficient solutions that benefit from potential economies of scale, especially in terms of reporting costs and managing frequent regulatory changes.
NEOETF Management Partner services
include the following key areas:
1) Investment management:

NEOETF Management Partner carries out various types of investment activities set out in the investment declaration.

2) Risk management:
The services of NEOETF Management Partner include the development of the investment policy of funds and the monitoring of investments in order to comply with the risk policy.
3) Legal Compliance:

AML and KYC procedures are configured according to FATF requirements.

4) Administrative support:
NEOETF Management Partner manages business processes both at the fund level and at the asset level.
5) Management support:
NEOETF Management Partner coordinates relations with the relevant supervisory authorities and auditors.
NEOETF Management Partner
44 808 273 4727
Phone number:
8-10, rue Mathias Hardt, 1717, Luxembourg